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Beer is:

Greca Ojo de Dios


Flower that provides bitternes, aroma and flavor to the beer.


Organism in charge of carrying out the fermentation.

Vaso Dresden
Vaso Aztlan

Barely or Wheat Malt:

Seed responsible of giving color and body to the beer.


Base of the beer, in it the three ingredients are mixed. Their qualities determine the quality of the drink.

Craft Beer:

Beer that comes from a Brewery that follows traditional processes like the German beer purity law of 1516.

It is a small enterprise, meaning it can only produce a maximum of 650,000 Hl/year.

Lastly, it is independent. That is to say, it does not belong to any commercial brewery group.

*German Beer purity law of 1516: It states that Beer can only be made with four ingredients: Malta, Hops, Yeast and Water.


A non-profit civil association formed by Mexican brewers that fight to improve the conditions of the industry and watch over the defense of the category of craft beer.


Molienda y Calentamiento

It is made in 5 stages:

1. Maceration

2. Boiling

3. Fermentation

4. Maturation

5. Botteling

According to Wilstain Brewer’s recepie, a selection of malts is made and milled to extract all its qualities. 

Water is heated and mixed with the malt in order to start the extraction of fermentable sugars.

Milling and water heating:

Molino semilla

*Photos are property of WILSTAIN taken in Germany.


1. Maceration

SRM color

The malt is soaked and mixed with strict times and temperatures. This way, the fermentable sugars that will feed the yeast to carry out the fermentation process are extracted.


Weißbier           ......................  02 - 04

Aztlán                ..............................  05

Tabla SRM

I.P.A.                    .........................  09-12

During the maceration the color of the beer is obtained. This is achieved through the type and roasting of the malt.

Dresden             ...............................  17

*Photos are property of WILSTAIN taken in Germany.

Stout                  ..............................  40

Hervor y Enfriamiento

2. Boiling



It is in this part of the process when the hops that will give the bitterness to the beer are added.

At the end of the maceration time, the liquid (wort) is filtered and separated from the seed.

hot water is sprinkled on it to obtain all the possible fermentable sugars.

The boil, in addition to eliminating unwanted flavors and aromas, sterilizes the wort to allow the yeast to spread correctly during fermentation.

Once the boiling is finished, the wort is cooled down quickly to prevent the growth of bacteria.


3. Fermentation

Gravedad Original

The yeast is added to the previously cooled wort, to convert the extracted sugars into alcohol, releasing CO2.

The behavior of the fermentation is checked under strict hygiene and temperature controls.

*Photos are property of WILSTAIN taken in Germany.


4. Maturation

5. Botteling

Tanques Maduracion

Once the fermentation is finished, it is allowed to rest and mature for a period of time with the purpose of developing and defining the personality of the beer. In addition to injecting CO2 for the carbonation of it.

Last step: Bottles and kegs are filled and labeled. And they are distributed to finally be enjoyed by all. Cheers! Prost!

Linea de embotellado

*Photos are property de WILSTAIN taken in Germany.